Admissions Procedure and Checklist

The following is a typical scenario that occurs when a prospective family wishes to seek more information about Madonna School for their family.

  1. The parents contact the school principal, Peg Carney, at 556-1883 to set up an appointment to visit the school.

  2. The parents tour the school and converse with the principal about the school’s philosophy and mission.  Information is shared about their child and if available, the current school’s I.E.P. is reviewed.

  3. If the parents feel Madonna School may be a possible placement for their child, they complete the Release of Information Form (.pdf file attached), allowing the present school to forward the child’s records to Madonna School.

  4. The parents and child visit the school together (2nd Visit) to meet their potential teacher and view a portion of a school day at Madonna.

  5. If the parents and principal agree that Madonna is a good choice for their child and an age appropriate opening is available, a non-refundable $125 deposit is required. 

  6. The parents will then sit down with the Financial Director to discuss and determine a payment plan.

  7. The child begins school at Madonna.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Learn more about tuition costs and available financial aid at Madonna School.