Madonna School Advisory Board

The Madonna Board assists the Catholic Archbishop of Omaha in the governance of Madonna School by:

  • Assessing and providing for the academic excellence and Catholic identity of the school
  • Establishing general policies for the school
  • Assuring the financial viability of the school

Officers and Members

Sr. Marie Angele, RSM
Pat D'Agosto
David Cota
Dr. Ann Coyne
W. Tate Fitzgerald
Sharon Flanery
Deb Neary
Michaela O'Kane
Fr. John Pietramale
Joseph Schwaller
Dan Vacek
Shawn Wederquist
Dr. Terry Zach

Richard Secor, Jr.

Vice Chair
J. Michael Skinner

Jay Dunlap

Peg Carney

Life Skills Director
Diane Cochran

Community-Based Services Director
Robin Moses

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