About Madonna Community-Based Services

Madonna Community-Based Services empowers adults with disabilities to become as independent as possible, teaching them the academic, job and life skills they need to be contributing members of society.

Sister Evangeline opened Madonna Workshop in 1983 in response to a growing need in the community for vocational training for adults with cognitive and developmental disabilities. It served as a sheltered workshop environment for these individuals. It has now evolved into Madonna Community-Based Services. 

Madonna Community-Based Services
9205 Bedford Ave
omaha, NE 68134

Special Activities for Special People

Our dedicated staff supervises clients performing light assembly tasks contracted from local businesses. Our clients perform a wide range of tasks. Examples include assembling sample packages of kids’ stickers for kidslovestickers.com, sorting recycled hangers for Max I. Walker Cleaners, and shrink-wrapping packages for various companies.  

Currently, there are nearly 50 clients at Madonna Community-Based Services. Their work entails light assembly packaging, collating, shrink wrapping, bulk mail preparation and other labor intensive, highly repetitive tasks. The Madonna Workshop provides clients with a sense of accomplishment and self-worth. Shop Director, Robin Moses and her dedicated staff teach them the valuable social and vocational skills they need to obtain competitive employment. 

Outings and Special Guests

It is not all work and no play at Madonna Community-Based Services. Staff members regularly accompany clients on outings in the community.. One staff member brings in baby animals every Friday; workers who meet their goals get to feed and hold the animals, and output has increased dramatically. The facility also includes an exercise room to help our many clients who need to improve their health and wellness. The most recent addition includes art classes for the clients once a week. In these and other creative ways, we help clients maximize their quality of life.

The ultimate goal of Madonna Community-Based Services is to help each individual discover his or her strengths. Most of the adults would be not be able to work in an independent setting, the staff continues to build partnerships with community businesses to bring in work.