Madonna Parent Newsletter October 22, 2018

Madonna Parent Newsletter

October 22, 2018                  


October 24th – Angel Fare

NO SCHOOL-25th and 26th

October 29-Nov 2-Red Ribbon Week

November 25th Parent/Teacher Conferences 1:00-6:00

October 27th and 28th – Special Olympics State

                                             Tournament – York, NE

November 3rd and 4th-NIRSA Flag Football Tournament

                                                  in Lincoln-details forthcoming


For the Safety and Security of Our Students and Staff:

The outside door to the gym will be locked at 3:30. If you need to pick up your child between 3:30 and 4:00, we will have staff posted at the front door. Thank you for your assistance with helping us to make our school a safer place.


REMINDER: 10 hours of volunteer services is a requirement for families at Madonna. Our Home and School Organization is working to help you meet those hours by providing many opportunities throughout the year. Please remember that this is considered a portion of the tuition and hours not served will be billed to the families at the rate of $20 per hour. Thank you for your help with this.


Madonna School Parents

The Angel Fare Luncheon is Wednesday, October 24.

We have a Bake Sale at the Luncheon and we invite you to help make our

Bake Sale a success by contributing some baked goods!


Please package and price your items using the following guidelines.


Bars (6) $3

Candy (6) $4

Cookies (12) $6

Cupcakes & Muffins (6) $5

Large bread $6

Small Bread $4

Plain Cakes $6

Decorated Cakes $10

Large Pie $10

Small Pie $7

Mixes in a jar $6

½ pt. Fruit Jelly $6

4 oz Jelly jar $4

Baggie of Snack Mix, Puppy Chow, etc.  $3

Large individual items $1-$3


Please mark items that contain nuts, are gluten free etc.


Feel free to adjust the pricing if needed.   For example, if you make jumbo monster cookies and want to package them individually you can price them at $1 or $2 each.


Drop the items off in the office on Tuesday afternoon, October 23, or by 8:00 am on Wednesday, October 24.


Thank you for baking for Angel Fare!



Red Ribbon Week

Monday-Goodie Day/Dress Down Day (Students may wear appropriate jeans/t-shirts if they wish).

            Classes will discuss meaning and reasons behind Red Ribbon Week

Tuesday-“Drug Free” red cups on the fence-Transition

               -Posters, Halloween activities during library time

Wednesday-Halloween! Dress Down Day

              -1:00 Mr. Brown will present Halloween Singers, followed by Classroom Parties (individual

    classroom details will come from classroom teachers…. costumes during parties only.)

Thursday-SPIRIT DAY! Wear Madonna Blue with uniform pants, skirts. Mass at 9:00 am

Friday-WEAR RED!

-Ribbons on the Fence-Elementary, Middle and High School at 9:00 am

-10:30 All School Kickball

-1:00 All School Bingo

-2:15-2:30 Break/Recess

-2:45 Recognition for York Tournament/Pep Rally for NIRSA Flag Football Tournament


The state tournament will be at York High School (the address is 1715 N. Delaware Avenue York, NE 68467) on Saturday, October 27th and Sunday, October 28th.  As usual, games on Sunday, October 28th will not be set until end of play on Saturday, October 27th.  Below you will find the show times, game times, and field number.  The parade begins at 9:00 am by the track.  If you cannot make the parade time, please do not worry about that.  If your athlete is unable to attend, please call (402-556-1883) or email ( to let me know.  All athletes will need the uniform shirt and shorts, a mouth guard, a water bottle, and snacks/lunch.  Concessions are available at the complex. 


            Saturday, October 27th 

Show Time Game Time Field Number

10:00 10:30 Field 5

1:00 1:30 Field 2

Sunday, October 28th (schedule will be finalized after play on Saturday)

Show Time

Game Time

Field Number


                                                                                                            Beth Books

FYI:  Coach V’s daughter is getting married so please do not contact her with questions.  She will not be able to get back to you.  Mrs. Books is staying at the Best Western and will notify parents the time and field number for the games on Sunday.

Some events going on in York:

Friday night at 7:00 pm York High football game.  Admission is free (just tell the gate you are with Special Olympics).  The game is at East Hill Park (901 E. 6th Street).  Be advised, they shoot off a cannon every time the York team scores.  The cannon’s location is in the East corner of the stadium.

Saturday night at 5:00 pm York College basketball game.  Admission is free (just tell the door you are with Special Olympics).  The game is at the Freedom Center (1125 E 8th Street – corner of 10th Street and Delaware – 1 block North of 8th Street on the west side of the street).