Madonna Parent Newsletter November 30, 2018

Madonna Parent Newsletter

November 30, 2018                


December 3-German American Home Christmas Party-

        Middle and High School/North Pole Christmas

        Party-Elementary School

December 10-Vocational Rehabilitation here for middle

              and high school students

December 11-Home and School Meeting-Supervision

             provided for your children-movie night

December 13-High School Bergan Holiday Party at

            Bergan Hospital for those who work their rotation

            at the hospital 9:30-2:30

December 13-Music Program at 6:30 in gym

December 14-Mass at 11:00 followed by Hibernian

            luncheon and Santa Claus visit for students

December 24-January 4-Christmas Break

January 7-Return to School


FROM RACHEL-********************************

The Archdiocese of Omaha has directed that all school staff and those working with our students, including volunteers, receive Safe Environment Training.  In working toward that directive, Home & School would like to encourage you to register for the class and become Safe Environment certified.

One of our teachers, JoAnn Griffel, is a Safe Environment instructor and will be offering a class Monday, December 3rd, at 6:30 PM here at Madonna.  Although this is late notice, there is still time to register online and attend.  If you can’t work this class into your schedule, please access the Archdiocesan website for upcoming classes throughout the city/state.     

If you would like to attend the December 3rd class and have questions regarding registration, feel free to give me a call today or Monday at 402.556.1883.  My apologies for the late notice however you still have time to sign up!


NOTE: The Christmas Music Program will be at 6:30 pm on Thursday, December 13, NOT December 7 as previously stated.


NOTE: This weekly parent letter can also be found on the Madonna School Website.

Madonna School Parents Facebook Page

Madonna School Parents have a closed group Facebook page. It was designed for parents to have communication with one another without outside individuals reading or contributing. It is a closed group and you must request to join. Peg Carney is the administrator of the group and will add you to the members list if you choose to be a member. To do so you must first have a Facebook account. On your page (usually the left side, click on Groups. In the search section type in Madonna School Parents (then click on the magnifying glass at the top), and you will get a list of sites. Ours should be at or near the top and has a circle with a portion of our Madonna logo on it. Click on this. You will then get access to the “front” page of the site. There is a box marked “+ Join Group”. Click on this and the request will come to me (Peg). I will then add you as a member and you will have access to the site. Call me if you have questions. Peg C.



Dec 11 during Movie Night for students-Supervision provided

Jan 22 during Game Night for students

Feb 14 during Valentine's Prom for students

Mar 14 during Spring Fling for students and alumni

Apr 30 during Movie Night for students

H&S is working to make Madonna spirit apparel available in the second semester. If you can help with that effort, please contact Linda Safranek at or 402-670-4404.

If you haven’t given your $10 per family H&S member dues to Rachel Halonen yet, please send it to the office by the end of the first semester. If you cannot afford the dues, please know that every Madonna family is a member of the H&S regardless.

Volunteer sheets have been entered into a spreadsheet for grouping by committees and interests. If you haven’t sent yours to the office yet, please do so.

Attending H&S meetings fulfills 1 hr. per family for service hours. Mark your calendars now!

The H&S is getting back to our roots with the use of committees instead of event sign-ups. Please come to see what's new, to meet other parents, and to build the Madonna community with us!

REMINDER: 10 hours of volunteer service is a requirement for families at Madonna. Our Home and School Organization is working to help you meet those hours by providing many opportunities throughout the year. Please remember that this is considered a portion of the tuition and hours not served will be billed to the families at the rate of $20 per hour. Thank you for your help with this.

For the Safety and Security of Our Students and Staff:  The outside door by the gym will be locked at 3:30. If you need to pick up your child

 between 3:30 and 4:00, we will have staff posted at the front door. Thank you for your assistance with helping us to make our school a safer place.

Please make sure we have your most recent phone number, so you will receive snow closure and other messages through our Parent Reach System.