Madonna Parent Newsletter January 25, 2019

Madonna Parent Newsletter

January 25, 2019                     CALENDAR OF EVENTS –


January 28-February 1-Catholic Schools Week

                       (See below for daily activities)


February 15-NO SCHOOL-Teacher Inservice

February 18-NO SCHOOL

February 22-Chili Feed 4:30-8:00

         (Contact Rachel to Volunteer)



To Chelsea Robinson

December High School

Worker of the Month


Monday – Community Day

Wear: Dress down day

Morning prayer: pray for QLI

Activities: Goodie day (Faith’s Class to bring goodies)

Write thank you cards to QLI for being our great neighbor!


Tuesday – Vocation Day

Wear: Dress as your future self (what do you want to be when you grow up?)

Morning prayer: pray for vocations, seminarians, priests, and religious


Wednesday – Nation Day

Wear: $1 dress down day (or desired donation)

Donations will go to Pencils of Promise, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which has built over 490 schools and changed the lives of over 96,000 children in Laos, Ghana, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. Using a sustainable development model, Pencils of Promise employs local leadership, provides hygiene programs, and supports teachers.  All proceeds will go towards building a new school in an area in need.

Morning prayer: pray for schools and children involved with Pencils for Promise

Activity: Super bowl prediction voting


Thursday – Student Day

Wear: Hat day

Morning prayer: pray for all students in Omaha

Activities: 8th Grade Mass at St. Cecilia’s in A.M.

1:30 Ice cream social in gym

2:00-3:00 all school dance

3:30 Movie Night in Mrs. Griffel’s room


Friday – Family/Staff Day

Wear: School Uniform

Morning prayer: pray for all families and staff

Activities: 9:00 Mass

10:15 Bingo

11:30 Staff vs. Student (paper) snowball fight

Please make sure we have your most recent phone number, so you will receive snow closure and other messages through our Parent Reach System.

Children’s Scholarship Fund Applications

Applications for the 2019-20 school year will open on Monday, February 11th and be open until Friday, May 3rd. CSF will be mailing and emailing all of our families information on this.

FROM RACHEL-********************************

The Archdiocese of Omaha has directed that all school staff and those working with our students, including volunteers, receive Safe Environment Training.  In working toward that directive, Home & School would like to encourage you to register for the class and become Safe Environment certified.


Safe Environments Training Dates:

Mon. Jan. 28 at St. John Vianney, 6:00-8:30 pm.

See updates at



Feb 14 during Valentine's Prom for students

Mar 14 during Spring Fling for students and alumni

Apr 30 during Movie Night for students

If you haven’t given your $10 per family H&S member dues to Rachel Halonen yet, please send it to the office by the end of the first semester. If you cannot afford the dues, please know that every Madonna family is a member of the H&S regardless.

Volunteer sheets have been entered into a spreadsheet for grouping by committees and interests. If you haven’t sent yours to the office yet, please do so.

Attending H&S meetings fulfills 1 hr. per family for service hours. Mark your calendars now!

The H&S is getting back to our roots with the use of committees instead of event sign-ups. Please come to see what's new, to meet other parents, and to build the Madonna community with us!

Results from the parent survey have been tabulated.  Email and the parent newsletter have been determined to be the preferred forms of communicating information from the school to home. We will continue to use them to impart information to parents.


Upcoming Dates:


Basketball – February 23 – Regionals in Fremont

                      March 30     --  State in Lincoln


Aquatics -    March 23      --  Regionals at UNO

                     May 23          -- State at Common Ground in Elkhorn


Track      -    April 28 (Sunday) – Regionals at Millard South

                    May 24 & 25         -- State at Northwest High School



Volleyball May 22 (Wednesday evening) – Location TBD

REMINDER: 10 hours of volunteer service is a requirement for families at Madonna. Our Home and School Organization is working to help you meet those hours by providing many opportunities throughout the year. Please remember that this is considered a portion of the tuition and hours not served will be billed to the families at the rate of $20 per hour. Thank you for your help with this.

Madonna School Parents Facebook Page

Madonna School Parents have a closed group Facebook page. It was designed for parents to have communication with one another without outside individuals reading or contributing. It is a closed group and you must request to join. Peg Carney is the administrator of the group and will add you to the members list if you choose to be a member. To do so you must first have a Facebook account. On your page (usually the left side, click on Groups. In the search section type in Madonna School Parents (then click on the magnifying glass at the top), and you will get a list of sites. Ours should be at or near the top and has a circle with a portion of our Madonna logo on it. Click on this. You will then get access to the “front” page of the site. There is a box marked “+ Join Group”. Click on this and the request will come to me (Peg). I will then add you as a member and you will have access to the site. Call me if you have questions. Peg C.