Our Mission

Madonna is an education organization founded on the Christian principles of the value, worth and dignity of every individual as created by God. Our mission is to serve students and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, so they may become as successful and independent as possible.

Our Vision

The vision of Madonna School is to educate and empower out students with special needs through innovative and progressive instruction within a Christian environment. The successful implementation of this vision provides a foundation for students to achieve their maximum potential and to be socially integrated and connected within the community.

Who we are

Madonna comprises four elements: a K-12 school for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities, a Life Skills Transition Program for those 18-21 years old, Madonna Employment Services for adults on their way to competitive employment, and Madonna Community-Based Services for adults not ready for employment.

Madonna encourages optimum performance, develops academic and life skills and establishes self-confidence for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.




The curriculum is based on a functional academic approach, i.e. language arts, math and writing and individualized for each student. The students are also taught practical life skills.

Physical education, speech-language services and art and music therapy further enhance the total program.

Combined, the entire curriculum is provided within a spiritual context, thus enabling the school to deliver a complete education.


  • A Nebraska state-accredited special education school

  • All teachers are certified in special education

  • The maximum number of students in a classroom is 10

  • The student/teacher ratio is 5 to 1, with a certified teacher and associate in each classroom

  • Students come from all faiths and nationalities, ranging in age from 5 to 21 years


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