Planned Giving 

Planned Giving is a set of ways a donor can leave money/assets to Madonna School at his/her death; or a way to invest money so that the donor receives benefits during his/her life and then bequeaths the remaining funds to Madonna School.

Your Support Makes a Difference

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Remembering Madonna School and Workshop in your will assures that our Christian mission of affirming the worth and dignity of our brothers and sisters with special needs will continue long into the future. It is a way to continue building the solid foundation for our programs to maximize the independence of young people and adults with cognitive and developmental challenges.

In the past, bequests and memorials have helped in many ways:

  • They helped us build Madonna School’s beautiful campus at 72nd and Redick in Omaha.

  • The bequest of Dorothy Holmes enabled us to purchase the sturdy and attractive playground equipment that gets a great deal of use every day.

  • A recent memorial helped us equip the Madonna Workshop with exercise equipment, enhancing the health and general quality of life for our many adult clients.

Today, bequests and memorials make a significant difference:

  • They help us equip our chapel, the Oratory of the Madonna and Child, with all that is necessary for a reverent and welcoming atmosphere.

  • They help us meet unexpected expenses such as the need to replace our boiler.

  • They have helped us acquire special equipment for sensory integration to better meet the needs of our students with autism.

In the future, bequests and memorials must be a key element of our growth in service:

  • They can help us launch social ventures, business enterprises that can employ our students and graduates while helping sustain Madonna financially.

  • They can help us create a financial endowment that would reduce Madonna’s dependence on fundraising appeals.

  • They can sustain us and give us the means to face challenges yet unforeseen.

Thank you for considering Madonna School serving students with special needs in your plans to help non-profit organizations. 

Ways of Giving

Please select any of the following ways of giving:

Retirement Plans
Placing Madonna School as a beneficiary of a retirement account such as an IRA, 401k, 403(b), etc... is one way to include Madonna School in your retirement/estate plan. 

Charitable Gift Annuities
Charitable Gift Annuities are appreciated because they can provide a better guarenteed income to the donor plus benefits. Gift annuity rates may vary depending on age.

Gifts of Life Insurance
There are benefits to placing Madonna School as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. These could include an estate tax charitable deduction. Contact your retirement plan administrator or life insurance agent for further information.

Wills and Living Trusts
You may include Madonna School in your will or living trust by simply using this language in the will or living trust: "I hereby bequeath to Madonna School the sum of $____ or % of my estate". Inclusion in your will or living trust can assure opportunities for children and young people with special needs for years to come. Please let Madonna School know if you have already remembered Madonna School in your will or in a trust. 

Contact Information

Please contact the Development Office at (402) 556-1883 if you need our Tax Identification Number or have any questions regarding Planned Giving.

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Toody Moffatt
Event Coordinator/Development Associate

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