Madonna School Strategic Plan

Madonna is an educational organization founded on the Christian principles of the value, worth and dignity of every individual as created by God. Our mission is to empower students and adults with cognitive and developmental disabilities to lead fulfilling lives as participating members of the community.

Madonna comprises three elements: a school serving mildly to moderately disabled children, a Life Skills Transition Program for mildly to moderately disabled 18-21 year olds, and Community-Based Services for moderately to severely disabled adults. 

20/20 Vision

100% of graduates and clients are engaged in the community. 
     A. Employed
     B. Participating in social networks

Performance Metrics         

  1. Placement of Grads 
  2. Quality Staff
  3. Fiscal responsibility
  4. % of students satisfactorily completing/meeting IEP goals
  5. % alumni socially integrated
  6. Parent satisfaction
  7. Name recognition
  8. Enrollment

Top 5 Strategic Initiatives 

  1. Employment opportunities for students/graduates/clients.   
  2. Business development opportunities
  3. Fundraising.         
  4. Curriculum update
  5. Community relations/marketing

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