Life Skills/Transition Program


The educational goal for every student at Madonna School is to become an active participant and contributing member of society.  In order for our students to achieve this, the curriculum must extend beyond the classroom into the surrounding community.

Madonna U: Our Transition Center

The Transition Program, “Madonna U,” is for young adults ages 18-21 needing assistance in acquiring both life skills and jobs skills.  

First-hand experiences teach skills they will need to have a job including: using a cash register, computer, and doing custodial work.

The apartment setting in the school provides excellent opportunities for learning life skills including: how to cook, clean, do dishes, and make a bed.

Job coaches are there to assist the students in completing applications, role-playing an interview, and accompanying students as they begin their new jobs. The job coaches stay with them until the student shows that he/she no longer needs assistance.

Components of the Life Skills/Transition Program

  • Recreation and Leisure

  • Job shadowing

  • Art & Music

  • Functional Academic Activities

  • Independent Living Skills Activities

  • Vocational/Transition Activities


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